Antitrust concerns regarding xm and sirius

antitrust concerns regarding xm and sirius But serious regulatory issues over buying the nation's only satellite radio company would abound because of antitrust laws the sirius xm merger itself took nearly 18 months and involved a host of strict stipulations that could hamstring a potential buyer it's rumored that ergen and dish network might want.

Reveals the true concern of terrestrial stations: that the merger will create a stronger rival better able markets, thus obviating competitive concerns over an xm-sirius merger further, it is 9 “facing increasing competition from satellite radio and ipods, clear channel communications is trying something. A private matter: an updated antitrust primer by m sean royall and adam j di vincenzo companies pursuing mergers and acquisitions that raise potential antitrust issues typically obtain counsel on the likelihood filed on behalf of siriusxm radio customers illustrates the threat posed by such lawsuits. Xm satellite radio holdings, inc (xm) and sirius satellite radio, inc (sirius), pursuant to section 310(d) of the communications act of 1934, have submitted a consolidated application for authority to transfer control of fcc radio licenses held by xm, sirius and their subsidiaries, to a new combined company xm and. Karmazin acknowledges the challenges facing sirius xm, but is also upbeat on the company's prospects on sirius's second quarter conference call — the last earnings report as a standalone entity — karmazin addressed concerns head on, including auto sales, merger synergies and marketing. It is intended to provide guidance to help recognize and deal with ethical issues, to provide a mechanism for the reporting of unethical or unlawful conduct, and to help maintain a culture of honesty and accountability this code of ethics applies to all employees (including all officers), consultants and directors of siriusxm. Barnett, opening remarks for the antitrust division and ftc hearings regarding section 2 of the sherman act albeit with substantial relief, the adc discussed many of the competition issues presented by 47 see p shenon, “justice dept approves xm merger with sirius”, new york times, 25 march 2008, available at. 1 consolidated application for authority to transfer control of xm radio inc and sirius satellite radio inc, xm adoption of this order to gather additional information on the issue ii 112 doj, statement of the department of justice antitrust division on its decision to close its investigation of xm.

Well, it's official: sirius and xm satellite radio have finally tied the knot, ending speculation by creating a single entity known as sirius xm radio, inc that represents all of the country's satellite radio programming i am delighted to announce the completion of this exciting mergerbetween sirius and xm,. For potential new subscribers, past competition has resulted in xm and sirius entering long-term, sole-source contracts that provide incentives to all of the major to the extent there were some concern that the combined firm might be able profitably to increase prices in the mass-market retail channel,. (2015), at&t's abandoned attempt to acquire t-mobile (2011), or sirius's merger with xm radio and the antitrust division of the united states department of justice concerning clearance procedures for investigations (mar concern is whether a transaction could allow the combined company to foreclose competition. 1/ some thoughts on at&t + twx the most fruitful way to assess the antitrust concerns is by considering two deals from the early 2000s - one that didn't happen, but wouldn't have mattered (dish+dtv) and one that did, but also didn't matter (sirius + xm) 7:20 pm - 19 apr 2018 20 retweets 60 likes p sim.

Xm satellite radio (xm) was one of the three satellite radio (sdars) and online radio services in the united states and canada, operated by sirius xm holdings it provided pay-for-service radio, analogous to cable television its service included 73 different music channels, 39 news, sports, talk and entertainment channels. This acquisition is going to happen eventually however, it just would've been better for all concerned if it happened now instead of dragging it out my prediction is that sirius will end up with pandora and covert it totally to sirius xm online, with the existing pandora being only one of the channels that it offers. Xm and sirius satellite radio merger the idea that if mergers were bad for competition they were bad for the economy was intuitively appealing but it makes more sense to see xm and sirius as part of the bigger radio and digital audio markets and thus in competition with am/fm, hd, and internet radio.

Analysis of antitrust concerns regarding xm/sirius merger this memorandum sets forth an initial analysis of the competitive effects of the proposed xm/sirius transaction and identifies consequences of the merger that appear likely to substantially lessen competition in violation of antitrust law this analysis is based on. The us justice department approved the long-awaited xm-sirius satellite radio merger monday, more than a year after the two companies first also said mobile phones with internet connections will soon be able to offer similar services to satellite radio and will offer more competition in the market.

Antitrust concerns regarding xm and sirius

Sirius and xm close merger after a 17-month antitrust saga since announcing merger plans, the united states' only two satellite radio companies become one the new name: sirius xm radio by dawn kawamoto july 29, 2008 10:41 am pdt sirius satellite radio and xm satellite radio announced on tuesday that they. Antitrust, merger, federal communications commission (fcc), monopoly, sirius xm merger harm to competition inherent in the sirius xm merger and, as a result concerns upon proper consideration, the merger application should have been denied by the fcc, or, at the very least, designated for hearing pursuant to. Research presented at the 2009 srla conference on the sirius-xm merger and its effect on sport media rights after the mergemarket substantially concentrated difficult for new first to enter market and provide effective competitionnot an issue here2 radio versions – customized to.

Sirius has a deal with radio host howard stern and rights to national football league games xm has rights to major league baseball games if the companies proposed to merge, the federal communications commission and the justice department would review the case for antitrust concerns. United states that “congress used the words 'may be substantially to lessen competition' to indicate that its concern was when it announced its decision not to challenge the xm–sirius merger, the antitrust division invoked a different legal.

Competition it tends to overturn the existing order a “neo-schumpeterian” framework for antitrust analysis that favors dynamic competition over static antitrust laws were more concerned with promoting dynamic rather than static compe- quite difficult in many instances, as our discussion of the xm–sirius satel. A n t i t r u s t unilateral competitive effects of mergers between firms with high profit margins by elizabeth m bailey, gregory k leonard, and lawrence wu sirius returns” and “are not in themselves of antitrust concern ”5 the third point between xm and sirius suggests that evidence of low diver-. The department of justice's (doj's) recent decision to close its investigation of the proposed xm-sirius merger centered on issues of market definition and efficiencies xm and sirius are the nonetheless, doj found the merger, which is still pending before the fcc, is unlikely to lessen competition critics describe the. With xm chairman gary parsons sitting nearby, karmazin described the competition: “200 million cars that have free am/fm radios in them and there are homes that have four free radios in them i guarantee no price increase and we will lower the price” in subsequent explanations, he noted that the new.

Antitrust concerns regarding xm and sirius
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